Manager very rude and no communication.

I gave my bike GAO6R3938 for servicing on 02-June-2021 in the morning at 9 am and I was the first number to servicing and my job card no. 20769. I told them that my bike is consuming too much oil. They told me without even checking that the bike will take 5 days to repair. Then I told them first you check the bike and then inform me, what is the issue and he said yes we will call you and the time was that time 9 am. Hence it was 12 pm there was no call from them and then I called them and ask what happened with my bike, the manager telling me it will take 5 days because the engine man is not come today. I ask them did you at least check OR take a round of the bike, he said no to me and talk to me in a rude way. Also he mentioned there is only one person for engine repair. That means if he don’t come then our bike will not get repaired. This is very horrible experience in my life first time in showroom.