Pathetic service. Doesn't value time and customers

This salon doesn’t deserve a 1 star rating. I took an appointment for 25th December and the time given was 10am. I reached the salon at 10.15am just to see that the girl who does waxing was not on duty. When the staff on duty called to check where the girl was she said she will be reaching in 15 mint. I waited patiently. After 15 mint I again asked the staff where is the girl and why do you’ll give appointments when there is no one to provide the service. The staff simply kept apologizing and said she will be reaching soon. The girl pooja reached the salon at 10.45 with all groceries and fruits in hand. Seems like she doesn’t care about her appointment’s as shopping was more important.
2nd incident: thought of giving another chance. I called up the salon 2-3 days prior to take an appointment for 1st April 2021. The guy who answered call gave an appointment for 10am. I then told him to check with pooja if she will be on time as she was the only girl doing waxing in the salon. He confirmed with pooja and gave me an appointment for 10.30 am. I called the salon today at 10.20 and I told them that I’ll be a little late. The manager said no problem. I reached the salon at 10.40am just to see that the girl was again not on duty. When the manager called her she said she will reach in 30 minutes and that she is always late to work. I was pissed off and asked to call the owner. The owner arrived and when explained the situation to him, he himself was unaware of what’s going on in the salon and that the girl pooja was always late at work.
I would suggest ppl not to go in this salon and waste your time as they don’t value it.
It would be good to go to other salons who value your time as they’re the ones who deserve you money.