Worst Experience

Please don’t go, if you go, you will be cheated, they attract with girls, and they were put you in hurry, to pay money, once you paid money, you will be finished, they started action with over action, they tell you wait for 5 min, that 5 min will be 1 hour, if you asks about about services they said, you will be be blackmailed by that bouncers or may be sometimes, that bouncer will kick you also. As a non local tourist, no body can do any thing except go back silently.

This is a new goa cheating format for money, don’t stuck in their trap in and around anjuna beach area.

This is my self experience faced in that spa, SA2 spa is nothing but SUCH with Arrogance in 2 ways.

They running business with weakness of tourists and local police and political strength.